Why Muslims? Listen to Swiss woman who had converted

[Okonomiyaki] without Muslims for pork

Why Muslims? Listen to Swiss woman who had converted [Okonomiyaki] Senbo, without Muslims for pork Most past thousands of increase compared to the previous year foreign visitors is that last year visited Japan. And an increasing number of visit to Japan tourists from Muslim is often Malaysia and Indonesia, Senbo Holdings (Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi) to expand the okonomiyaki shop in the country this month, opening the okonomiyaki shop for Muslims (Muslim). In accordance with the precepts of Islam, provide the okonomiyaki that does not use pork. While consumption of the visit to Japan customer is the driving force of the Kansai economy (Approval) role, is widespread movement to capture the Muslim market in the center of the restaurant. [To be Muslims of you, I want to enjoy the soul food of okonomiyaki in Osaka] This month the day, Nakai transmural two president of Senbo to open a Muslim-friendly store in Osaka Dotonbori which is the foreign visitors of the popular tourist destination speak. It renovated the floor of their building shop facing the Dotonbori River, to about 0 seats for the Muslim seat number.
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